Nagne Studio

Engineering Lead

September 2020 - present, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Engineering Lead responsible for technical oversight and ensuring code quality and timely delivery of Angular and Flutter projects. Designing the architecture, estimating and mitigating potential risks during the definition, scoping and development of each project.

Mobile Developer

May 2019 - September 2020, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Full-stack developer, developing from start to finish feature-rich mobile apps in Flutter, with Firebase as a back-end service.

Goldman Sachs

Summer Analyst

July 2020 - August 2020, Warsaw, Poland

Payments, Core Engineering

Toronto Annotation Suite

Mobile Developer

October 2019 - May 2020, Toronto, Canada

Developing a mobile version of a web app in React Native for a research team at the University of Toronto. Toronto Annoation Suite is a state-of-the-art tech that does AI image segmentation for training datasets for various object detection algorithms.


University of Edinburgh

Master of Informatics with Honours, Computer Science

2017 - 2022, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Currently 1.1 with a weighted average of 80%.

Working on a 'Neural Network Compression' project for my Master's thesis.

Interesting courses - Introduction to Quantum Computing, Text Technologies for Data Science, Natural Computing

University of Toronto

International Exchange, Computer Science

2019 - 2020, Toronto, Canada

GPA of 3.4 with a weighted average of 81%.

Interesting courses - Scalable Computing, Parallel Programming, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Introduction to Image Understanding, Research Project Opportunity


Personal iOS apps in Swift

SubTracker - An app that connects to Youtube API to get live subscriber count that is updated every second for the specified channel.

Sorting algorithms visualized - An app that lets you visualize and compare the speed of algorithms like quicksort, heapsort, shell sort, etc.

Dots - Connect Five and Add - A game about connecting dots to create new ones until no more moves are possible.

Flutter apps for Nagne Studio

KuzaKash [Android, iOS] - An app for kids and parents to set financial goals and track their progress.

CallWallet [Android, iOS] - A speech-controlled voice assistant that connects to your CRM and helps you make hands-free sales calls when you’re on the go.

Ujali Pro - [Android, iOS] - A messaging app for Ujali Pro website

Checkpoint Authority - An app that facilitates users in worksites within the railway industry.

Reshape - Carbon footprint app that calculates your footprint based on your spending, travel and other habits.

Other projects

Static website build with Swift

This website was built with Swift and generated into HTML with Publish. 100% JavaScript-free.


A copy of a famous project on Reddit for my Scalable Computing class. Implemented in AWS using ECS Fargate containers, ElastiCache (Redis) and a load balancer for scalability.

DVD cover efficient retrieval system

A Python script which takes an image of a DVD, finds key points using SIFT descriptors, retrieves similar covers from the database using the Scalable Recognition with a Vocabulary Tree [Nister, Stewenius; CVPR 2006] paper and returns the DVD cover with the best homography calculated using RANSAC.

The most similar images retieved from the databaseThe image with best homography


A distributed, fault-tolerant system working on multiple university machines using Bash scripts, Java servers and SQLite as storage.

Grammar checker

Written purely in machine code (MIPS) for Computer Systems class.

Micro-Haskell language processing pipeline

Lexer, parser, and typechecker built in Java for a simplified Haskell language.

Other things about me


Vice-president of the Edinburgh University Polish Society


As a vice-president, I was responsible for organising weekly Polish tutorials, social events and helping with the contact with the Polish Consulate in Edinburgh.


Mentee in EmpowerPL mentorship programme


One of the 100 Polish students chosen for a mentorship scheme. My mentor was Matt Komorowski, Senior Director & Head of Channel Partners - International Markets at PayPal.

iOSDevUK student sponsorship


Received one of five sponsorships for students that allowed me to attend the biggest iOS conference in the UK.


Polish - native

English - second language/fluent

Spanish - intermediate/communicativet